Hotel for Dummies

redneck hotel

Hotel Check-in 101

This is just a quick review on how to check -in to your hotel.

First go to the counter and state your last name. Thats all we need. Not your first and middle name or your maiden name. Quite frankly we don’t care! Once the clerk has pulled up your reservation, give them your credit card. Yes, we need a form of payment or you don’t stay. Just because you gave a number to reserve the room doesn’t mean its paid for. Let the clerk take it from there. Let’s not make this more complicated than it has to be. I will then give you your room keys and a registration card for you to sign. Yes, sign. If you wanna know what you are signing then read it. Its not a book, just a paragraph. And no I dont care what kind of car you are driving or where you park it. So dont write what kind of car you have. You are only waisting my time. Time I could be using to finish my homework or browsing the internet. Now go to your room and leave me alone for the rest of the night. Only call me if there is an emergency or you need a wake up call. Just because you are spoiled everywhere else you go doesnt mean Im gonna do it for you here. Now have a nice stay.


4 Responses to “Hotel for Dummies”

  1. LMAO, aint that the truth

  2. swanktown Says:

    Totally! I always feel so spoiled when I go to a hotel, though… xD Never stayed in Nashville, though.

  3. I do the same thing, Swanktown. Im just bitchin about my job…haha. Who doesn’t,right?

  4. This is bucking frilliant. Thanks for the laugh. 🙂

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