To All The Parents…

imagesI know you love your children. And maybe I dont completly understand cuz I dont have any yet. But if you know your child is gonna annoy the shit out of people by crying for an hour in a public place, leave that thing at home!

I dont know what these girls were thinking bringing that kid in here tonight, but even the guests were annoyed! They said they didnt want a room close to them. Now that is bad!

The girl was like, “Oh, he does this when his daddy isn’t around.”. Like it was no big deal. Well I dont know what her idea of peace and quiet is but thats how we like to keep things in the lobby.

I told my boyfriend if I have a kid like that I’m putin it up for adoption! Not really but almost!


2 Responses to “To All The Parents…”

  1. I’m all for the ‘should be seen and not heard’ wisdom

  2. Two of my cousin’s kids are the most annoying things in the world. Yes, I said “things.” It’s because they won’t discipline them, and when they’re talking about their lives, they let their kids run rampant around my house! It pisses me off, which is why I don’t keep much contact with them. 😛

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