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Get off the phone!

Posted in Uncategorized on 10/01/2009 by jaylynnawhite

cell phone

So a guests walks up to the counter tonight to be checked in. I start asking questions and he is answering. But then he asks the weirdest question. “So what do you wanna do tonight?” I looked at him with a confused look on my face. It was then I realized he had one of those damn earbugs in his ear. WTF!

Hello! You are trying to check into a hotel right now. Your little booty call can wait a minute. It probly was that same girl who came to do some favors for a guest if ya know what I mean. If not read my first blog.

For future reference, get off the phone. You are only wasting my time when I have sit here and wait on your conversation to end before I can do my job.

I guess I will have to start talking over their conversation until they are just forced to tell the other end to hang on or they will call them back.