Don’t feed the animals!

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fat girl

Bless the guest that bring me food! But if you keep it up I am going to gain about 50lbs! Its bad enough all the pizza  joints give us food but you too. What happened to a good ol’ fashioned tip?


Day off

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 relax 2

I feel so sorry for those at work today! Suckaaaas!

This is the day that I get to become sane again.

Til tomorrow…

Are you spoiled?

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imagesPeople don’t realize how spoiled they really are. If you can answer “yes” to ANYof these questions then consider yourself as being spoiled.

Do you ask for an upgrade?

Do you ask for a wake up call?

If there was a minor problem with your room, like not being on the side that you prefer, would you ask to change rooms?

Would you park in handicap to be closer to the door?

Do you rely on hotel shuttles to get you around?

Im not gonna lie. I am guilty of atleast one of these. But what if I said that all these were based off of one guest? Calls for a loooong night at work.

To no surprise we have so many people that are needy. I don’t mind helping someone out but if its something rediculous then I don’t have time for you. Don’t come crying to me cuz you’re a Diamond and didn’t get upgraded. Be happy you have a place to sleep. Alot more than what some people can say. Jackass! And OMG! You didn’t get your cookie. Worse than a kid. Im tellin ya. Boo freakin hoo! I don’t care. Why don’t you go see the homeless people in the back and see how good you really got it!

Hello everyone

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I wanted to start off by telling a little about myself. My name is JayLynn. I work in the hotel business and currently a full time student. This blog is mostly dedicated to the hotel guests because they are just too funny. There will be complaining, sarcasm, whining, and bitching. Enjoy!

Just in time. Guests never fail to surprise me.

Just got done smokin a cigarette when in walks a pretty black lady. She was short and had really long hair. I knew she wasnt a guest at the hotel. Especially when she broadcasted what room she was going to.  Red flags immediately go up. Prostitute anyone?